Miet AIR

Miet AIR

Grensweg Beers
‘Renewal of tradition’ was the creed that inspired the design for a farmyard of studios and residences for sculptors from far and wide, creating space and peace in abundance for artists to work in seclusion.




The grounds of a former mini camping were transformed into a park for arts, recreation and education for the Miet AIR (Artist in Residence) plan. Full use was made of the existing landscape to fuse with new development of nature. Architecturally, the plan is derived from regional forms found in farmhouses, barns and greenhouses. ‘Renewal of tradition’ was the creed that inspired the design for the central yard formed by three main buildings: the proprietor’s home, a large workshop and an exhibition space. Scattered around this yard is a number of long-stay pavilions for use by artists in residence. The striking main building combines a project and exhibition space in the raised greenhouse, with two short-stay residences set around a joint studio space in the building’s substructure. The yard is completed with a swimming pond that also serves to buffer heavy rainfall. A sustainable energy concept was applied to the entire project, making use of geothermal and solar energy. Miet AIR was nominated for the Dutch national award the Gouden Piramide in 2014.


New studio's for artists in residence
Addy de Boer, Joost Boks, Maurice L'homme
MIET AIR Recre-art-park BV, Nijmegen
Bouwtrant, Eersel
Various terrein facilities (1 ha), propietor's house, 3 workshop buildings and 3 longstay pavilions
Thea van den Heuvel, Laurens Kuipers, Thijs Wolzak, NEXIT