De Getijden

De Getijden

Veldstraat 4 Nijmegen
De Getijden is a foundation aiming to build a living environment around ‘what good neighbours do for one another’.


In progress


De Getijden Foundation is what in the Netherlands is known as a CPO project (Collective Private Ownership). The aim of this particular foundation is to create a living environment for its members whereby ‘what good neighbours do for one another’ is a leading theme. In consultation with municipal authorities, a vacant school building was found and acquired with the intention of repurposing it to house a group of ‘lifecycle-proof’ apartments as well as a number of individual new-build dwellings on the school grounds. A technical package implementing a higher degree of sustainability performance was developed by the CPO group and included thermal insulation, material specifications and HVAC fittings. There is a communal garden to the front of the former school building where two flanking ‘gatehouse’ dwellings frame the view to this garden and old school for passers-by. To the rear of the main building a small courtyard offers picnic tables and an outdoor kitchen. Each individual home boasts its own private terrace or balcony within the otherwise collective outdoor space. Outdoor storage and bicycle sheds are located beneath a berceaux that in time will become covered in vegetation.


CPO levensloop bestendig wonen
Wilbert de Haan, Marlies Raterink, Ries van Lith
Stichting de Getijden
Gebr. van Herpen, Heesch
11 apartments and 6 dwellings
Thea van den Heuvel