CPO Sint Martens Hof Arnhem

CPO Sint Martens Hof Arnhem

Association of owners Sint Martenshof acquired 20 characteristic properties and saved them from demolition. This project has become an primary example of collective private ownership and was published in Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2014-2015.
Dwelling Hommelseweg 99-101




For this project an entire block of houses was sold to private owners for self-renovation into 20 spacious urban dwellings. The purchase entailed an obligation to renovate the buildings to a certain stipulated standard and to carry out the renovation work collectively under the supervision of an architect. NEXIT came up with a ‘renew-build’ concept to render the buildings sustainable and future-proof. Restoration, renovation and construction were combined in an innovative design process. Collective interests were specified during interactive workshops while individual wishes were addressed in one-on-one design sessions: a challenging design process in that the budgets and level of DIY-contributions differed from one household tot the next. The outcome of this process is a housing block with a highly communal character, which nonetheless offers a wide variety of lifestyles. The interactive design process generated intense two-way inspiration, resulting in the reassessment of preconceived individual ideas about lifestyles. Residents’ participation in the renovation work contributed to a sense of involvement, community and responsibility that is sadly absent in the average new-build project. Sint Maartenshof now serves as a model project and has created a lot of spin-off in the Arnhem district of Sint Maarten. The project was nominated for both the Willem Diehl and the Heuvelink Architecture Awards.


Restoration, renovation and construction of 20 urban dwellings
Addy de Boer, Maurice L'homme, Joost Boks
Kopersvereniging Sint Martens Hof
Kuiper Bouw, Arnhem
20 urban dwellings
Thea van den Heuvel, Thijs Wolzak, NEXIT